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Posting your items for sale here at: Bidcorral is easy. Simply register if you have not already (by clicking [New Registration] here or at the top of any auction page). Our system automatically mails your password usually within a few seconds (no need to disconnect while you wait). Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to [Change Your Password] to replace our rather obtuse collection of letters and numbers with something you might more easily remember.

To Begin Selling, you will need to become a registered member on Bidcorral. This is used to establish identity, and for billing purposes only. Basic listings are free to post, here at Bidcorral, only success fees apply, once your items have sold. If you wish to add special features to your listings to make them stand out, then additional listing fees will apply, and an inital deposit to your sellers account will be required before you start listing items for sale. Please read [Seller Fee's] Bidcorral suggests a minimum deposit of 10.00 dollars, as this will allow the seller to post many auctions with special features, and may also be used for the success fees once your items have been sold. This deposit is used to cover the lisiting fees (if apply) and final auction success fees (if apply), and your account will not be debited, unless either of these fees apply, or you add an advertisement banner to the bottom of our website. A monthly invoice will be sent to the email address you have on file with Bidcorral, or you may check your balance anytime by logging into your account on our homepage. This will show the current status of your account, your credit balance, and charges incurred from auction fees (if apply). You must retain a positive balance on your account to continue to place listings.
You may choose to credit your seller account by making a direct deposit through paypal.com, or by U.S. Postal Money Order. Please allow 7-10 working days to process money orders once we have received payment. Your account will be credited in the amount you deposit. Posting items for sale is accomplished by clicking on [Sell ] here or at the top of any auction screen. Fill in the form that pops up with a short descriptive title (add attention grabbers to get people's attention). Next, select the category the item should be in (if you don't see an appropriate category on the drop down list, please use the [Suggest A Category] and ask for that category to be added. Be patient please--we get lot's of e-mail.

Pictures sell items! It's very simple to upload a photograph using our image upload service. No HUGE files please. Let's try to keep the images under the combined total of 1440K, the maximum allowed, if possible.

Decide how many days you want to offer your item at auction. Our system supports from 1-14 days. Most people use seven days. We also provide an auto re-list option, which will re-list your auction two additional times, at no additional cost if selected , in the event your item does not sell the first time around.

Enter a description. You can simply type your description into the Description: box but we also support HTML. Feel free to use your favorite HTML editor (like FrontPage), then cut and paste your descriptive masterpiece into the Description box. Be sure to include such facts as who pays for shipping and how much that is. Also detail the type of payment you will accept, such as personal checks, Visa and MasterCard (and/or other credit cards), will you ship C.O.D., and so forth.

Your basic listing is Free here on Bidcorral. But for small [Seller Fee's], you can really make your auction STAND OUT by using our addons, like a Color Background, and Bold Title, add your auction to our Featured Gallery, and really get noticed. Use our Attention Grabbers, to add life to your auctions when people are searching for items. Or you can go all out, and place your auction on our Home Page, where you can't be missed. By placing your auction on our home page, your auction will rotate into our Hompage FULL Featured Listings area, and will have the chance to be one of the first auctions people see when the visit Bidcorral. Please note, that the amount of times, and the frequency of your items rotation onto the home page will vary, do to the amount of other users adding their auctions into this feature. NOTE Bidcorral cannot guarantee a certain amount of times your auction will appear on the home page. A list of the fees are shown while you are placing your listing. If you choose to add special features, your account will be debited in the amount accrued for each listing placed. Final auction value fees still apply, when the auctions ends, and the item is sold.

After the description is complete, enter your username in the Your Username: box and your password in the box below.

The starting bid is very important. If you put a very low price just remember, you might get it! The best auction strategy is to start an item at the lowest price you are willing to sell it for, then anything above that is a pleasant bonus!

One thing on our starting bids you should be aware of: Let's say you want to start an item for $5. First set the Bid Increment Box (the default value is $0.25 but you can change it to fifty cents, or whatever). Your starting bid will be $4! Thus, the first bidder will be asked to bid $5 (what you entered plus the bid increment of $0.25). Please make sure you understand how the above works, or you might start the bidding at too high a level and your item not sell.

Posting items on this and, or any internet auction is a legally binding action. Your are irrevocably promising, assuming you get one or more bids, to sell the item and ship it promptly after payment is received. Mutual trust between buyer and seller are what drives online auctions. We will not tolerate scammers or breakers of promises on this auction site.

Once the posting form is filled in to your satisfaction, hit the Preview button. The system shows how the posted item will look. If you like what you see, click on the Post button and the auction is live.

You will be notified automatically by e-mail if the items sells, or if it ends without selling. At that time, feel free to repost unsold items.

Collecting funds from the buyer, for an item you sold.
Upon the closing of the auction, you will receive an email with the contact information of the winning bidder. You must then contact the winning bidder to let them know the payment method you accept.
Please do not have the winning bidder make payment directly to Bidcorral.
We provide the venue for buying and selling, but are not directly involved in transactions between the buyer and the seller once the auction has ended. Payment must be made directly to the you seller of the auction item the winning bidder has won, in order to complete the transaction.
You must contact the winning bidder to discuss the transaction details, shipping, and payment methods.

If someone sends you e-mail asking about an item, please respond promptly and courteously. It's simply good business.

We expect you to be honest and truthful in the descriptions of posted items. Also Remember you as the seller are 100 percent responsible for the item you are listing. Please refer to the Bidcorral [Terms & Conditions], located at the bottom of each page, for any questions you may have about listing a certain item, or send us an email if you cannot find the information you are looking for. Please refer to Bidcorral's [Terms & Conditions], Section 1.5.1 concerning shipping, and Section 1.12.1 concerning prohibited items. Anyone abusing this auction will have his or her account reviewed, and if found in breech of our terms of agreement, their account will be promptly suspended.
Bidcorral strives to keep our site a productive , and profitable place for our members to buy and sell.

So, post away and the very best of luck to you from everyone here at Bidcorral and, please remember, if you have any questions, send us an e-mail to Auction Administrator.

Happy buying and selling!