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FAQ for Bidcorral

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Table of Contents

    Getting Started
  1. What does using this auction cost and how do I qualify?
  2. How do I choose a User Name?
  3. Why am I not receiving my email?
  4. Why won't my browser open certain web pages?
  5. Why does "nbsp;" appear in my Address?
  6. What is Promotional Credit?

  7. Bidders
  8. How do I bid?
  9. Who determines the minimum or starting bid?
  10. What are the different currencies I see in an auction?
  11. Okay, what are Proxy or MaxBids?
  12. What is the Bid Increment?
  13. What are Reserve Bids?
  14. How do I retract a bid I placed?
  15. How do I find out more about a posted item?
  16. How do I know I'm getting a good deal?
  17. How do I know I won?
  18. How do I Pay for an item I won?
  19. How do I Pay for an item I won using Paypal?
  20. More Bidding Help

  21. Sellers
  22. How do I Post an item for sale?
  23. How do I end my auction early?
  24. How do I Manually Relist an item for sale?
  25. How do I calculate the Shipping cost of the Item I am selling?
  26. Why is there a "Red X" where my Picture should be?
  27. More Selling Help

How do I choose a User Name?

Choosing a User Name is quite simple. Choose any combination of Letters, Numbers, and Underscores, to make up your user name. A suggestion would be a favorite hobby, or a nickname that you use.
User Names may Not contain any Special Characters. These characters are reserved for internal software operations. This is why most sites do not allow them to be used in User Names.
Special characters are (~`!@#$%^&*()=+<>?":;'/.,[]\{}|. and Spaces between words. If you need a space between 2 parts of your user name, use an underscore _.
Examples of correct User Names are
Examples of incorrect User Names are
99 balloons
"69 hot rod"

When choosing a User Name, remember use Letters, Numbers, and Underscores only.

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Why am I not receiving my email?

To ensure that you receive your email, please make sure that your email filters are not set to high.
If your email filters are set to high, then your email provider will handle any email it assumes is "Junk" or "Spam", and may delete it before you get a chance to have a look at it.
Often, if you are not receiving emails from friends, family, or replies to emails you have sent, it is due to improper email filter settings.
Usually these settings can be changed from with in your email account.
Please refer to your email provider for instructions on changing your email filter settings, to allow email to be delivered to your inbox.
Also, even though filters may be set correctly, it is a good idea to check your "Junk" folder, as emails you are expecting, can sometimes make it into this folder by mistake.
Make sure that your filter settings do Not delete your junk mail automatically, as this will prevent you from getting "Good" email that has been mistaken for "Junk" mail.

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Why does "nbsp;" appear in my Address?

When entering information into the registrations form fields, if an extra space,or "Double Space" was added by accident it will produce the "nbsp;" where the extra space was added.
If you have a "Double Space" shown as, nbsp;, you may use the Update Registration to re-enter your information, and make certain that only One space was added between each word.
For Example:
Below Shows Correct Spacing

John Doe
1234 Jane Lane
Somewhere, Country, 12345

Below Shows Incorrect "Double Spacing"

Johnnbsp; Doe (notice extra space added between John and Doe)
12nbsp;34 Jane Lane (notice extra space added between 12 and 34)
Somewhere, Country,nbsp; 12345 (notice extra space added between Country and 12345)

If you still experience a problem with "nbsp;" you can contact us at Customer Relations, and we will correct the problem for you.

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What is Promotional Credit?

From time to time, Bidcorral will offer promotional incentives to our registered members. Any and all promotional credits that Bidcorral applies to a users account, are intended for use on the Bidcorral site only. These credits provided by Bidcorral may not be refunded, transfered, sold, traded, or by any other means used for any other purpose, except for the sole intention of placing auction listings, and to be applied toward sellers fees, here on Bidcorral. These may not be redeemed for cash, or refunded if a sellers account is closed. Promotional Credits can not be used to purchase an item up for auction. These are promotional credits only.

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How do I calculate the Shipping cost of the Item I am selling?

The first thing you will need to know, is the exact weight of the item you have sold, as it would be packaged and ready to ship. Next, you will need to know the zip code, or country of the package destination. We have added links to the most common shippers, in the industry. Please choose the link below that suits your shipping needs the best. These sites have excellent information to further help with your shipping questions.

USPS United States Postal Service

UPS United Parcel Service



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Why won't my browser open certain web pages?

Bidcorral has been optimized to work with the Internet Explorer browser. Bidcorral has been tested and is also fully compatible with Mozilla, and Opera web browsers. Although due to different characteristics of each individual browser, pages may display slightly different from one to another.

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Who determines the minimum or starting bid?

The seller (the person who posted the item) decides what he or she wants the bidding to begin at. Usually this is (and should be) just below the lowest price acceptable for the item. If you bid, the system will ask you to bid the starting price PLUS the Bid Increment.  Sellers are encouraged to start items at a reasonable amount and not absurdly high. Buyers like the auction process because it allows bargain shopping. If an item is priced right, people recognize the bargain and bid on it.

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What are the different currencies I see in an auction?

Bidcorral shows the current price of an item in several currencies. We do this to give the buyers and sellers a better idea of what an item will cost in foreign funds, & for reference. Whether the seller decides to ship outside of their country is entirely up to them.
The currency exchange rates are updated frequently, but are subject to change. For the most current exchange rates please visit XE.com.
It is always the best practice to ask the seller if they will ship outside their country before you place a bid.

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What is the Bid Increment?

The Bid Increment ($0.25 is the default increment) raises the bidding each time by that minimum amount (you can always bump it up even higher). The purpose of the bid increment is to keep someone from outbidding you by some silly amount like $.01. It protects you and assures the seller of getting a decent return if the item is hotly contested.

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Okay, what are Proxy Bids?

Proxy bidding allows the system to bid for you automatically. Think of Proxy bidding as someone who stays and watches the auction 24 hours a day while you're off doing more interesting stuff. You activate Proxy Bidding by entering the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item into the place bid box. The system will then bid for you, bidding only enough to make you the high bidder. If someone tops that bid,our system places another bid for you and so on up to the maximum amount you've specified. Under no circumstances will Proxy Bidding ever bid MORE than you said. But the system will send you e-mail about an outbid so you can enter a higher Proxy Bid amount if you'd like.

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What does using this auction cost and how do I qualify?

This auction requires that all sellers and buyers be registered. This enables our software to keep track of items for sale and who bids on what. It protects both ourselves as the auction providers and you as buyer and/or seller. Registration is simple and painless. Merely click on [New Registration] here or near the top of any auction page.
There is no cost to register, and basic auctions are free. Fees only apply if you choose to add special features to your auctions, and/or when your auctions sells a small success fee will apply. There is no success fee if your auction does not sell.

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How do I bid?

Click on the name of items you'd like more information about. If you wish to place a bid, enter your bid in the box below the item, then just click on the place bid button nearby. We suggest that a good strategy for items you really want is to place the highest bid you are willing to pay. Otherwise, someone may beat your bid, if placed low. Should someone outbid you, the system sends you an e-mail notification with a link back here to the item. Click on the link right in your e-mail message and you will be returned to the directly to the item. You can then decide whether you want to raise your bid.

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What are Reserve Bids?

If you see this icon , that means there is a reserve on this auction item. Sometimes a seller enters a Reserve Bid. For example, the item sells for $100 new. The seller decides to place a starting bid of $1 on the item but they want to get at least $80 for it. So a reserve bid of $80 is entered into the system. In such a case--even if you are the high bidder at, say, $60--you will not win the item unless you go over $80.

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How do I retract a bid I placed?

Bid carefully - retractions are rarely allowed.
When you are the winning bidder, you are obligated to pay the high-bid price for the item. As a rule, retracting bids is not allowed on Bidcorral.
Remember that all bids on Bidcorral are binding, except:
Exceptional Circumstances Only
There are, however, a few exceptional circumstances under which you may retract a bid.
These are if:
* You made a typographical error and entered the wrong bid amount. For instance, you bid $99.50 instead of $9.95. If this occurs, re-enter the correct bid amount immediately after your bid retraction has been processed. If you do not place another bid, the retraction will be in violation of Bidcorral policies and could result in your suspension. Please review the retraction guidelines if you need to retract your bid.
* The description of an item you have bid on has changed significantly.
* Someone has bid on an item using your User ID and password.

Timing Matters:
There are special rules about retracting bids, depending on when you originally placed the bid.
If you place a bid before the last 12-hours of the listing:
* You may retract that bid before the last 12-hours, if your situation meets the description of exceptional circumstances. You will not be allowed to retract that bid during the last 12-hours of the listing.
When you retract a bid before the last 12 hours of a listing:
* You will eliminate all bids you have placed on that item. If you are correcting a bidding error, you will have to bid again.
If you are not allowed to retract your bid during the last 12-hours of the listing, you may contact the seller to request that your bid be canceled. The seller will have the discretion whether to cancel your bid. The seller will then need to contact us at Customer Relations with the auction number and the user name of the bidder wishing to remove the bid.
Please Note:
If a reasonable amount of time is not allowed for Bidcorral to process the bid removal request, the bid will remain intact, and it will be between the seller and the buyer to reconcile the issue.

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How do I Post an item for sale?

Posting your items for sale here at Bidcorral is easy. Simply register if you have not already (by clicking [New Registration] here or at the top of any auction page). Our system automatically mails your password usually within a few seconds (no need to disconnect while you wait). Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to [Change Registration] to replace our rather obtuse collection of letters and numbers with something you might more easily remember.

Bidcorral charges nothing to buy an item, or list a basic auction. In the future, we do reserve the right to add premium features that other auction sites have like bold listings, featured auctions, and the like. For those, we will charge a nominal rate.

Posting items for sale is accomplished by clicking on [Post New Item] here or at the top or bottom of any auction screen. Fill in the form with a short descriptive title (make it snazzy to get people's attention). Next, select the category the item should be in (if you don't see an appropriate category on the drop down list, please e-mail us Auction Administrator and ask for that category to be added. Be a little patient, please--we get LOTS of e-mail.

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How do I end an auction early?

If you decide to end an auction early, you may do so by and going to your item's page and clicking the Seller: update your item link located in the Seller Information Box at the top right of the page.
Very Important! If you have your auction set to auto-relist and you end it early, you won't be able to relist it until the auto-relist time expires,(1-14 days) unless you follow these easy steps.
1. Click Seller Update Your Item as noted above.
2. Sign in (if you are not already signed in with cookies)
3. On the Edit Your Auction Item page, scroll down to the section that says Auto Relist and select NONE
4. Scroll down and click the submit button
5. On the next page you will see your changes, now click the blue "the item" which will take you back to your auction.
6. Click on the Seller Update Your Item link again
7. Sign in
8. Now on the Edit Your Auction Item Page, scroll down to the bottom and you may end your auction early, and will be able to relist it immediately after it is closed.
Your closed auctions can be viewed by clicking the View Your closed won, sold or relist and auction link in the righthand column of the Bidcorral Homepage. If you have bids on your item and you wish to end it early you may do so, but the item will be sold to the highest bidder for the amount of the highest bid at the time the auction is closed. This is a binding contract between you and the high bidder. If you wish to have the bids removed before you close the auction, you will need to email the Bidcorral Administrator.
Please see the Bid Retraction section on this FAQ page for more information. These apply to both the seller and the bidder.

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How do I Manually Relist an item for sale?

Manually Relisting your items for sale here at Bidcorral is easy.
There are a few things that you will need to know about Manually Relisting an item.
First, auction items that are (auto-relisted) & not auto-relisted are stored in the View Closed/Won/Sold section. These items will remain in this section for 46 days past the end of the original auction closed date.
Second, when you Manually Relist an item that is stored in this section, the original closed auction will remain here as a reference on our system for 46 days. After 46 days have passed from the date the auction closed, it will then be deleted from our system.
It is important that you keep this in mind when Manually Relisting items, as to not relist the same closed item twice because it still appears here.
Third, it is suggested, that you check your currently running auctions, before you Manually Relist an auction, to double check that you have not already relisted it.
If you have more than one of the same item, you can use this feature to list as many auctions as you need for the amount of same items you have to sell. This is much easier than creating a new auction from scratch, for each of the same items. This option will be available once the first auction item has closed, and has been sent to the closed auction area.
Remember, check your closed unsold auctions, and your auctions currently running, if you choose to relist a closed unsold item again, check to make sure that you have not already listed it prior to this, or if you intend to list more than one of the same item, this is a great way to do it.

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Why is there a "Red X" where my Picture should be?

When listing an auction with photos, you must be patient while the photos are uploading. Different computers, with different internet connections will take different amounts of time to upload the pictures.
A computer connected via "Dial-up" internet service will take longer to upload pictures than a computer connected via "DSL" internet service. Just like a computer connected via "DSL" may take longer to upload a picture than a computer connected via "High Speed Cable" internet service.
Please allow All of the pictures you have chosen to upload, to Fully load on the page. This will help prevent any errors that might occur in your auction listing.
If a photo does not load, and a "Red X" appears where it should be, try refreshing the page, by clicking on your browser's refresh button. This should make the pictures load onto the page. Again, this is most likely do to a slow internet connection.
If the problem still occurs after you have refreshed the page, you may contact us, and report the problem, and our technical team will review the issue. Please e-mail us Auction Administrator if you feel that this is a technical problem with our service.

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How do I find out more about a posted item?

If you have any questions about an item, please use the "Ask Seller A Question" feature on the item page you are interested in to contact the seller and ask your question.
When the seller replies, you will receive an email and can then view the answer by clicking the link in the email which will take you to item's Q&A page. You can ask about the condition of the item, payment and shipment terms, or anything else not already included in the item's description.
Do not include contact information in your questions (email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, etc). This is not permitted for security purposes. Doing so will be in breech of the Terms & Conditions and may result in the suspension of your user account.
We urge users to ask questions about an item they are wishing to purchase. Remember, try to give the seller enough time to respond to your question. Being fully informed about the item you are wishing to purchase, will help you make an educated decision on the purchase, and will result in a happy and successful transaction between the seller and the buyer.

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How do I know I'm getting a good deal?

When buying something from someone--whether on the internet, in any kind of auction, or anywhere else--your best protection is to be an informed buyer. We do police this auction, but we can give no blanket guarantee. You might read our Terms and Conditions page for more info on this. However, we strive to have plenty of great items at bargain prices to bid on.

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How do I know I won?

The system automatically sends the buyer (highest bidder) and seller of the item e-mail when the auction ends. The buyer and seller are then responsible for making their own arrangements to conclude the deal by payment and shipment. This auction merely offers a venue for buying and selling. We will not, nor cannot, be held responsible in any way for any lack of performance by any and all parties. We simply provide a place that allows people to buy and sell. HOWEVER, do let us know of any problems. Users who abuse our auction, will be suspended from using the service.

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How do Pay for an item I won?

The system automatically sends the buyer (highest bidder) and seller of the item e-mail when the auction ends. The buyer and seller are then responsible for making their own arrangements to conclude the deal by payment and shipment.
Please do not send payment for an item directly to Bidcorral. Payment for an item you won must be sent directly to the seller in order to complete the transaction.
Bidcorral is not directly involved in the transaction between the buyer and the seller once the auction has ended.
For further assistance please contact us at Customer Relations.

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How do Pay for an item I won using Paypal?

The winning bidder will need to contact the seller of the item won directly. If the seller accepts Paypal as a payment option, then the winning bidder will need the Paypal account email address of the seller. This can only be obtained from the seller, as we do not store Paypal account information on our site. Once you receive the Paypal account information from the seller, you then go to the Paypal website to complete the payment process.
We do not process Paypal payments between bidders and sellers here at Bidcorral. This must be done directly at the Paypal website.
For further assistance please contact us at Customer Relations.

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For any other questions you might have, please feel free to e-mail our auction administrator, Auction Administrator.